At Night Owl Soapery the quality of our ingredients and integrity of our products are the heart and soul of everything we do. We are here to offer you better, fun and exciting alternatives to the mass produced, harsh detergents manufactured in factories with cheap, and often toxic ingredients. We offer handcrafted, wholesome products you can trust. We carefully formulate our recipes using the finest selection of researched ingredients sourced only through reputable suppliers.

The difference is obvious when it's made with love!

Our family loves using all of the soaps and body products we create and we’re confident yours will feel the same. Experience the quality of our handmade soap and add some fun-filled suds into your day. Choose from our large assortment of scented bars and find your favorite today! Enhance your self-care routine, your skin will thank you.

Life is too short to not use the fancy soap!

Meet the Night Owl

Hello, my name is Sherry and I own, operate and create all of the products here at Night Owl Soapery.

Every item for sale in this shop is handmade by me! I have a wide variety of crafting interests which include soap, body and hair products, resin art and genuine stone bracelets. I am passionate about making the very best goodies for you and will always be adding new, exciting things to the mix!

I began building the foundation of this journey in May 2020 and formed an LLC. As a full-time working, homeschooling Mom, I often found myself making soaps at night and decided that Night Owl Soapery was the perfect name for this business. I have gained a great deal of wisdom, strength and skills running this one-woman operation and enjoy every aspect of it. I am beyond grateful to do what I love and share my creations with you!